Something to ski!

Domains, Let's get digital

On her blog and online portfolio, Domain Diva posts tips, hacks, URL links and auctions -mostly related to entrepreneurialism and digital communication,  with business insights and anecdotes thrown in for good measure.  After twenty years of entrepreneurship and communication nerdom, she’s  found collaboration and information sharing useful.

Working in the entrepreneurial ecosystem leaves less time for self-employment and private consulting so this blog provides some fuel in spreading the digital word about her and others’ big ideas.  Permanently established in her brick and mortar home in a small midwestern community, Domain Diva says the blog is the best way to share “her two cents for free and news about URL names for cheap!”

If you have a message, business, or idea to communicate, consider creating a website with one of the domain names (URLs) found here: domains for sale! Most bidding starts at $101.

Domain Diva’s favorite state is Michigan because it is a great place to live, work, and be an entrepreneur with oodles of amazing talent; and she thinks it’s only fittin for you to know that the hearty folk in the mitten state believe when life gives you sand, you should SKI!


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